DATE 2/2/2010

Time 6:30pm

Bass Lake Ale House




Meeting called by

Board of Directors


Type of meeting

Annual Meeting



Caroline Curran,  Arnie Sheldon, Joe Krager, Sam McDonald. Terri Wolk,(Magnolia Management), Scott Mitchell (first portion of meeting)




Agenda topics



Dam & Mitchell Engineering

Review of Bid



Reviewed Bid from BMP East for work to be done on Dam.  Bid price $14,200 not to excel $15,800.  Prior to this work to start a 10Year flood study must be completed.  100 Year Flood study Bids are currently coming in ranging from 2,000-2,500.  Scott to obtain these bids and get them to the board by March 1st.




Board would like a flood study bid approved and started within the next 3-6 weeks.  Upon completion of the Flood Study we will k now if we can proceed with breaching the dam which is the most cost effective way to resolve the dam issue.  If flood study comes back and we CAN NOT breach the dam the board will continue to obtain bids to rebuild the dam.




Board Positions

ASsignment of 2010 Board Positions



President- Arnie Sheldon, Vice President- Caroline Curran, Treasurer- Sam McDonald, Secretary- Joe Krager




All approved




2010 Contracts




Pool specialists approved and finished.  Two Brothers Contract still being reviewed.




Two Brothers will come back to the board with lower costs on Flowers, Mulch and fertilizer treatments in effort to cut some costs from the proposed 2010 contract that they gave to the board.  This contract was approved at the year end meeting, but the 2010 board would like make an effort to trim some costs.




Open Board Positions

Nominations for Open Position



2010 Board has an opening for one more position to be filled.




We will post on website that we have an open position.  We did not have anyone to fill it at the meeting.




2010 Board Agenda

Discuss direction of 2010 Board



Board agenda to include newsletters quarterly, meetings quarterly, continue to make progress on the dam




News letters to go out March, June, & September. Quarterly meeting dates are scheduled for April 6th, July 13th & September 28th at Java Divine.  The community is invited to these meetings.  Meetings will be posted to the website and posted in the newsletter.




OPen Floor Discussion




Code of ethics to be signed by all board members.  Reserve Study will be done.  Violations to continue as we have in the past year.  March Newsletter topics discussed.




Code of ethics signed by all board members and document posted on website.  Reserve study given approval magnolia will move forward with ordering this.  March Newsletter topics to include ( dues schedule, website reminder, dam update, pool repair and pool opening date,  board meeting dates, mailbox painting, mold issues…possible power washing ad, doggie waste station reminder)















Resource persons

Terri Wolk

Special notes




                Minutes submitted by Caroline Curran February 16, 2010, reviewed and approved on XXXXX, 2008.