DATE 1/19/2010

Time 7pm

Holly springs hunt Center




Meeting called by

Board of Directors


Type of meeting

Annual Meeting



Caroline Curran,  Arnie Sheldon, Stefanie Hansan, ,(Magnolia Management), Terri Wolk




Agenda topics



WElcome & Call to Order

Designation of a Qurorum & Approval of 2008 Annual Meeting Minutes



19 people and proxy’s were present so the meeting was authorized to move forward.  Review of 2008 Annual Meeting minutes was completed.




2008 Meeting minutes approved.




PResidents Report

2009 Accomplishments, Future Plans & Projects



2009 Accomplishments included: Completed change over of management companies from CPA to Magnolia Management Company.  Play Ground Changes (doggies waste station, mulch spreading, waste receptacle installation, replacement of swings, message board installed at entrance of pool)  Ice Cream Social, Fall Festival, New Pool Drain installation to comply with Virginia Graeme Baker Act, Dam under contract with Mitchell Engineering and Town of Holly Springs on board with our progress.








Treasurer’s Report

Valleyfield Financial Review



Arnie went over budget.




One addition to the 2010 budget was made a 2,000 pool repair cost for the deck issue at the pool.  Issues regarding budget were no balance sheet shown.  Board agreed to post balance sheet on website.  A deficit was shown so (2) no’s were given when approval of the budget was put on the floor.  Budget was approved with (17) Yes’s.  Penalty and interest was brought up however covenants allow the board to charge penalty and interest in the amount of 12% if payment is 30 days past due.  This was not a procedure followed through by CPA and the board chose to implement it per the covenants when we changed over to the new management company.




Election of Board Members

Nominations From Floor and Current Board Members



(3) Current Board members stepped down Alfred Flores, Dan Ray & Stephanie Hansen.  Caroline Curran and Arnie Sheldon chose to run again.




Joe Krager volunteered to join the board and was voted in with 19 yes’s.  Sam McDonald expressed interest and will get back to the board with an answer shortly.   At the conclusion of the evening the board had 2 seats still open.




Other Business




Dam update was given.  The board is in the bid process with Mitchell Engineering for the possible tear down of the dam which looks to be the least expensive way to handle the issue.  The bus stop at Morton Farm and Blooming Meadows is an issue with children vandalizing the neighbor’s property.  The board recommended contacting the Security Officer at the School, the holly Springs police department or the Principal of the school.  The board has decided this is out of the control of the HOA and needed to be dealt with by the homeowner and the police.






























19 Homeowners

Resource persons

Terri Wolk

Special notes




                Minutes submitted by Caroline Curran January 20, 2010, reviewed and approved on January 20, 2010.