Architectural Review Committee

Meeting Minutes



Date:                                       3 May 2005

Location:                                 Java Divine (6:30 PM)

Meeting Facilitator:                                                              



Committee Members that attended were Tim Pollachioli, Dawne Rager, Sheila Norrington,  and Aaron Wenzel.  Joe Krager was also present from the Valleyfield Board of Directors.


We welcomed our newest member Aaron Wenzel.  We reviewed and discussed the minutes for the April 5th meeting. 



Old Business:

q       Review of 608 Morton Farm Road Submittal – This project has been completed

q       Review of 209 Mizelle Meadow Ct. Submittal – This project has been completed.

q       Review of 112 Blooming Meadows Road Submittal – This project has been completed.  There was discussion about asking for lattice under deck, but this wasn’t submitted to homeowner with approval.

q       Review of 121 Crossfire Road Submittal – Ken needs to inspect.



New Business:

q       Review of 105 Grassy Valley – Fence and patio – The project was approved with a change to the angle of the fence.  Fences aren’t allowed to hit the front of the house.  Aaron will follow this project.

q       Review of 109 Grassy Valley – This file was previously inactive.  The homeowner said that there would be a change to the look of the fence.  It will be a 4 ft fence that looks like 113 Grassy Valley.  Tim will follow this project.

q       200 Meadow Fox Road – Stamped brick walkway – Sheila will follow this project.




New Business (Newly submitted Applications):



1.       Any other ARC issues that need to be brought to the Board’s attention?   We continue to get complaints about drainage issues from various neighbors.