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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

This link’s intended use is to help answer some of the most frequently asked questions that the Board of Directors receives from members of the community. The questions that followed are generic, but maintain the overall intention of the questions the Board receives from various members. The responses that follow have been agreed upon by the majority of the Board prior to being posted to this webpage. It is the Board’s intension to refer members of the community to this webpage when the answers to their questions appear here for our response. If, at a later date, the responses to any of the questions posed here should change, notification will be announced in the other forums the Board uses to communicate with the community to ensure everyone gets the updated information. We hope you will find this webpage of particular use.                                                           

Question:  I am new to the neighborhood and would like to try to get a pool key? 

Response:  Please access  Look under the header playground and pool.  From there you will find a link to download the pool card key receipt form.  

Please return your completed form to the mailbox found on the pool's main gate.  Once we have verified the homeowner's dues are current the board will make every effort to get your key to you as soon as possible.  There are also forms available at the pool main gate should you not be able to access the web site. 

Question:  How can we meet more of our neighbors.  Does the neighborhood have any social events? 

Response:  The Social Committee in Valleyfield plans 3-4 socials each year.  In 2007 we have an ice cream social planned for May 12, a Pig Picking on June 2 and Oct 20 and a Christmas event December 2.  The pool is also a great place to meet and socialize with your neighbors. 

Question:  Are there any other activities to get involved in here in Valleyfield? 

Response: Yes, an adult coed softball league is to begin late this summer.  To be eligible you must turn 18 prior to Aug 1, 2007.  Team registration is by late June so please do not delay to reserve your spot on the team.  There are a limited number of spots.  Cost is divided among the players; team cost is $450.  Non residents are additional $9.  If interested email ccbeach @ with your name, address, phone and email.  Or if you are without email access drop the information in the drop box on the main gate of the pool.   

Question:  As with many communities we sometimes see pet ownership concerns.  How does Valleyfield handle this? 

Response:  Any strays should be reported to Holly Springs animal control during business hours.  A copy of the Wake County Animal Control Ordinance can be found under General information on the site. We encourage neighbors to clean up after their animals as they walk in the neighborhood.  We also appreciate other members in the community's assistance with cleanup by providing pet owners a bag should they be unprepared while walking their pet. 

Question:  Covenant enforcement is a difficult thing.  How does our HOA ensure our community continues our agreed upon standards and processes? 

Response:  Through HOA meetings and direct feedback; the board is open to all communication from residents.  Our Architectural Review Committee as well as Carolina Property Associations is able to assist with any home improvement projects in need of their consideration.  Non-compliance is addressed through restriction to community resources (pool) and turned over to town officials if it regards construction items requiring permits.  This provides the HOA the ability to maintain our property values and a desirable community for us all to live.

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